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" Thank you for asisting us in sourcing for the products that we bought in Bali "

C & K Jensen - Copenhagen Denmark


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Wayan Suwendra
Sri Mustika Dewi




Get Quality of Bali Arts & Crafts

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SAB Bali Arts & Crafts :

SAB Bali Arts & Crafts proud to offer you a wide range of Balinese Products manufactured by talented craftmens who provide us only with superior quality. Just click on desire category or photo underneath.


Bali handicrafts Bali Products Bali Arts & Crafts Bali Arts & Crafts
Stone Crafts Water Fountain Tile Stone Planter
Bali home decor Bali Handicrafts Emboridery Bed Cover Gadis Bali
Textile Lampshade Handicrafts Paintings
Gazebo / pavillion Thatch Roof Teak urniture  
Gazebo Thatch Roof Furniture  

We offer exclusive products with wholesale rates, depending on your products need. Come to the spirit world ! Basque in her beauty and splendour. Refresh your soul with its natural tranquility. Even you are coming to get relaxed or doing some business, Bali business & Leisure experience guarantees you a comfortable, safe, exciting and unforgetable leisure and business holiday.

With our professional guidance we can assure you the best quality of arts & crafts with best price and best places to buy. What's more, you can immerse yourself into an enriching experience and adventure into Balinese culture and arts, while you spend your holiday here in Bali.

Whether you are businessman or just want to relax, here is the chance to get both the benefit of holidaying and business together.

We have crafted special programs that will suit your business and holiday.

Or if you plan to come over to Bali to enjoy the splendor of the island and do some business as well please look at our exclusive SAB Business & Leisure Programm.

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Tanh Lot temple


With our B & L programm you can now combine relaxing days in the sun with shopping high quality Bali Arts & Crafts in an exiting but totally stress free way.

Learn more about our enchanting island, its hearty people and see the true Bali.

We take you to the most interesting places, genuine artists and craftmens and guarantee you the best buy.

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Bali arts festival

JAKARTA: Charter flights offered to thousands of Chinese tourists stranded in Bali after Indonesia halted flights over coronavirus fears have been delayed because travel permits have yet to be approved, Jakarta said Friday (Feb 7). A diplomatic notice said Beijing was arranging flights for Friday back to Wuhan - the epicentre of the deadly outbreak which has killed over 600 people and spread around the world.

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